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Awarding badges to users
Awarding badges to users
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As part of the Gamification feature on Crowdicity, you can award badges to users. You can learn more about badges, including how to create them, in our guide to creating badges. if you want to know more about gamification, and how users are rewarded for their activity in your community, our article on Understanding gamification in Crowdicity is a good place to start.

In this article:

  • How to award badges to a user

  • Removing a badge from a user

How to award badges to users

Administrators are able to award badges to users using the admin tools. The first step is to locate the user, either inside user management or by simply clicking their name within the community. Instructions for finding a user and accessing admin tools can be found here.

1 . When you have found the user, click the drop-down box that says Admin tools (on their profile) or Edit (in user management) and select Badges.

2. A new window will open that shows all available badges, and a number indicating how many of each badge a user has.

3. Use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the number of each badge that the user has.

4. Press the Save button when you have finished.

When you have awarded a badge to a user, it will appear in their profile and they will receive an email to tell them that they've been given a badge and the points that they've received as a result.

Removing a badge from a user

The process for removing one or more badges from a user is the same as above, using the minus buttons to remove badges.

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