The Moderator dashboard makes it easy to see ideas that need attention. Moderators will only see ideas in challenges they are a moderator for, making it even quicker to:

  • Approve ideas pending moderation

  • Advance ideas through funnel phases

  • Approve ideas in milestone challenges

  • Apply status labels

  • Comment and vote on ideas

  • Review reported ideas

If you'd like more information about the moderator role, take a look at our help guide here.

Finding the dashboard

To go to the dashboard, click the Moderate Ideas icon in the top right corner of the page:

In this article

  • Filtering ideas

  • Viewing ideas

  • Idea options

  • Bulk moderation

Filtering Ideas

Ideas can be filtered using a number of different options allowing moderators to see ideas that need specific actions. The filters allow you to refine your search by:

  • Status

  • Date

  • Challenges

  • Themes

  • Status Labels

Good to know

Once you start to apply filters to your search, you'll see an 'X' appear to the right of the filters which can be clicked to reset your search filters to default.

Searching for ideas

To search for a specific idea, use the search function at the top right of the filter menu. You can search for an idea using keywords from the title or description.

Filter by Status

To help refine each search, the Status tab (which displays All actionable ideas as default) allows you to filter ideas into the following categories:



All actionable ideas

This is the default display which shows all ideas which need moderator attention. This includes the following options, which can also be selected individually:

Pending: Shows pending ideas waiting to be approved. Ideas will only be visible under this status if the ‘Add all new ideas to the 'pending' moderation queue’ is turned on.
Reported ideas: Ideas that have been reported by a user (this includes admins and moderators).
Review to advance: Displays ideas in a funnel challenge that are ready to be reviewed to advance to the next phase.
Review to approve: Displays ideas in a milestone challenge that are in are awaiting approval

Unread ideas

Ideas that you have never visited the idea page for. Loading the idea page from anywhere in the community counts as reading the idea.

Edited by author

Ideas that have been changed in some way. This includes making general changes to content/images as we as editing ideas to answer refinement questions in milestone challenges.

No votes

Displays ideas that have not yet received any votes

No comments

Displays ideas that have not yet received any comments

No status label

Displays ideas that have not yet received a Status label


Ideas that have been removed from a challenge by any moderator in the community.

All ideas

All ideas in the community

Filtering by Date

If you'd like to view ideas from a specific time period, you can filter ideas into the following time frames:

  • All days

  • Within 7 days

  • Within 30 days

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • This week

  • Last week

  • This month

  • Last month

  • This year

  • Last year

Filtering by Challenge

This will present all challenges in the community where users have moderator permissions. To filter by challenge simply tick the checkbox next to the challenge title you would like to view:

You can select as many filters as you need and reset your selected by clicking Clear All.

Filtering by Theme

If themes are being used in your community, you can refine your selection to view any ideas that have a theme applied to them. You can select multiple themes by selecting the checkbox next to each theme you would like to view :

Themes will appear on the idea in the bottom right corner of the idea listing image:

Filtering by Status Labels

If your community uses status labels, these will appear in the Status Label drop-down list. You can select as many filters you'd like to see:

Viewing ideas in the Moderator Dashboard

You can sort the ideas in many ways such as by when they were posted, how many votes or comments they have or the amount of votes that they have. If you click on the drop-down box next to SORT BY you will see all options by which you can sort ideas currently shown on the dashboard.

Unread ideas

When viewing ideas in the dashboard, moderators will be able to instantly spot 'unread ideas' which will be highlighted with a grey box around them:

Good to know

Unread ideas are ideas that you have never opened; Opening the idea from anywhere in the community counts as reading the idea.

Idea Stats

Easy to read statistics show moderators idea stats, allowing them to see idea engagement:

The stats are represented as icons with the following meanings:

  • Thumbs up: How many votes the user has received

  • Speech bubble: How many comments have been posted on the idea

  • People icon: How many users have subscribed to the idea

  • Eye: How many time the idea has been viewed.

Idea Options

So that you can manage ideas, each one has options which can be accessed by the More menu in the top right of the idea:

Here you'll find the following options :




Opens the idea in a new tab.


Opens the idea on the comments section ready for you to participate in the idea.


Opens the submission form allowing you to make edits to the idea.

Status Label

Moderators can add a status label (e.g. under review, adopted, or a custom status label) to ideas. The status label is visible to both the idea author and the community. See our Using idea status labels guide for more information.

Moderation status

Moderators can remove ideas, or stop further comments or votes (or both) from being submitted. You can learn more in our Changing the moderation status help guide.

Quick actions

When displayed in list form, ideas will offer quick actions such as Approve, Edit, Open, which will appear depending on the status of the idea:


Quick action

Pending / Reported


Review to advance /
Review to Approve


Unread / Edited /
No votes / No comments


No status labels

Status labels

Moderating ideas in bulk

If moderators need to action several ideas at the same time, this can be done by hovering over the idea to show the check circle in the top right of the page:

This will reveal the bulk moderation options above the ideas:

From here you will be able to:

  • Select all

  • Clear selection

  • Add a Status Label

  • Change the Moderation Status

Good to know

When moderating in bulk, you can't add ideas from different challenge types to your selection; If you select an idea from a Milestone challenge, ideas from other challenge types cannot be selected

Changing the moderation status

Should you need to, you can change the Moderation status of an idea using any of the following options:

Clear: Clears any moderation status already applied to the idea.
Closed: Stops further votes and comments from being added to the idea.
Closed comments: Stops users posting comments.
Removed: Ideas that are removed are no longer visible to users, but can still be seen by admins and moderators

You can learn more about changing the Moderation status of an idea in our Changing the moderation status of an idea guide.

Adding a Status label

Once you have selected your chosen ideas, you can add status labels to them. Click Status labels to show the idea status label and then add or remove status labels as you wish.

To learn how to add and remove status labels, check out our Applying idea status labels guide.

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