We've got some great new features to make it even easier to get your users engaged with your Crowdicity community.

Slack Integration

Our new Slack integration makes collecting ideas much easier for you and your users. With a simple command, users can start sending ideas immediately, and be kept informed of progress via Slack notifications.

Find out how to get started by visiting our Slack integration help guide.

Integration with Microsoft Teams is coming soon.

User Created Challenges

Let your users help collect ideas with User Created Challenges. Available for individual users or entire groups, User Created Challenges empowers users to take an active role in identifying and solving challenges in your organisation. This is invaluable for situations where users may spot opportunities for improvement every day, and want to lead the ideation process to find solutions.

To find out more, view our User Created Challenges help guides.

Automated Badges

Profile badges have been a great way to recognise user contributions, so we're really excited to now be expanding on that with Automated Badges. You can now set rules for badges so they can be automatically applied when users achieve certain goals, such as posting 5 ideas, receiving 20 votes or reaching a milestone. This makes it easier than ever to reward users for contributing to your community.

Find out more about setting up these rules on our badges help guide.

More information

If you'd like to know more about how you can implement these features into your strategy, reach out to your Account Manager for help.

If you need assistance our help guides are always available, or you can get in touch via our Knowledge Centre.

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