Setting the challenge sort options
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The Idea sorting options section allows you to customise the different ways that your users can sort ideas in the challenge. You can choose the types of sorting that will be available to users, and the method of sorting that will be selected by default when a user loads the challenge page.

  • Latest: Ideas are sorted showing the most recently posts first

  • Top voted: Ideas are sorted from highest to lowest vote score

  • Most discussed: Ideas with most comments are shown first

  • Random: Ideas are presented in a random order

  • Picks: Ideas that have been given an idea status label are shown first.

If the 'Visible' box next to a type of sorting is selected then users will be able to use the drop down box on the challenge page to sort by that factor; you can choose to have one or more sorting options in a challenge. The default button is the option by which ideas are sorted by default, the way that they will be sorted when a user goes into the challenge.

To access Idea sorting options, go to the Settings Tab of the challenge editor, and expand the Advance options area.

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