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Scorecard voting requires users to rate an idea against different criteria. You can use scorecard voting in standard or funnel challenges and in vote milestones and they are a great way to get a more detailed evaluation of ideas.

In this article:

  • What do scorecards look like?

  • Setting up a scorecard

  • Rating an idea with a scorecard

  • Cloning a Scorecard

What do scorecards look like?

If you have scorecard voting in a challenge, the idea score panel will show the overall rating the idea has received and the average rating for each criteria.

When a user rates an idea they will see the criteria on a scorecard. They must give each criteria a rating of 1-10, 1 being the lowest rating and 10 being the highest. When they have submitted their vote, they will see the score that they have given the idea at the bottom of the idea score panel.

Setting up a Scorecard

1. When creating a new challenge, the Scorecard can be found in the vote settings for your challenge type - these may be in a milestone, a phase or for the challenge as a whole, depending on the chosen type of challenge.

2. To use a scorecard vote, select the Scorecard from the Voting settings for your challenge. This opens the scorecard voting options where you can tailor your scorecard to suit your challenge. You can decide what criteria you would like users to rate an idea on, how many criteria you ask, and the scale that they rate the ideas against.

3. Add each criteria by giving it a title and an optional short description in the criteria table.

4. You can add further criteria by selecting Add criteria and repeating this process as many times as needed, making sure you click save when you have added all the criteria you need.

Rating an idea with a scorecard

If you chose to, you can use Scoring labels to explain what the 1-10 scale means, for instance, 1 might mean Poor and 10 might mean Excellent. These labels show under each criteria scale when a user hovers their cursor over it.

You can enter a label to explain each rating on the scale, or you can just add them to a few (eg 1 =Poor, 5=good 10=excellent). If you leave the labels blank users will simply rate each criteria on a number scale of 1-10.

Once you have added your criteria and any scoring labels you wish to add simply click save to make the changes live.

Cloning a Scorecard

In the same way that Crowdicity allows you to clone a challenge, you can also clone a scorecard that you have used in a previous challenge. If you have a scorecard that you would like to re-use, you can find it in the challenge list under the 'Use a scorecard from a previous challenge' tab. Simply click on the drop-down list and select the challenge you would like to copy the scorecard from. This will copy over all the criteria, their descriptions but not the scoring labels.

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