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Editing the challenge title, short description and themes
Editing the challenge title, short description and themes
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In Challenge Management, the Details tab is the first tab of the challenge set-up page. In this area, you will find options to change the title and subtitle of a challenge as well as its short description:

The Details tab of the challenge set-up page

If you'd like to know more about adding a challenge to your community, our guide to creating challenges has what you need to get started. This guide describes the different areas of the details tab and explains how to edit them.

In this article:

  • Adding a title and subtitle to your challenge

  • Changing the challenge 'tabs'

  • Adding a short description

  • Challenge themes

Adding a title and subtitle to your challenge

The first text boxes on the Details page are those that allow you set the title and subtitle for your challenge. The title of a challenge appears at the top of the challenge page, and underneath the challenge listing image on both the standard homepage and challenge directory page.

The subtitle of your challenge only appears on the Standard homepage 'carousel' beneath the title of a challenge. The subtitle is useful if you have a short title and what to add a bit more of an explanation of the challenge.

To change the title and subtitle of your challenge, enter your text in the relevant box and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Short description

The short description of your challenge is the text that appears above the main challenge image and above the ideas. You should use the short description to explain what the challenge is about and what you'd like users to do (eg post ideas, comment, etc).

The short description text box has the following format options:

  • Bold and italicised font

  • Numbered and unnumbered (bullet point) lists

  • Centre and left alignment

By default, the formatting for the short description is set to centre aligned.

When you have added any text that you would like in your Short description, click Save.

Challenge themes

Challenge themes are like subcategories into which users can post their ideas: they can either post an idea into the challenge as a whole or into a specific theme that sits within the challenge.

When viewing a challenge, users can choose to see all ideas, or they can filter the the challenge page so that they can see ideas that have been posted within a specific theme.

To add a challenge theme:

  1. Click the Add theme button.

  2. You will be shown a pop-up window that has the name of your theme and a box where you can add a description for the theme, if you wish.

  3. When you have made any changes that you'd like, click save and the new theme will be in the Themes box.

  4. If you have more than one theme, you can rearrange the order in which they will be displayed on the challenge page: click on the icon that shows three bars and drag the themes up or down to change the order in which they will appear.

To remove a theme, click the x that appears next the the theme name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing a theme also unpublishes the ideas attached to it. We recommend moving ideas linked the the theme you would like to delete, to another theme first. You can, however, always republish a theme to get the ideas back.

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