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The idea submission form is the form that your users complete to add their ideas to a challenge. You can change the wording of questions on the form and you can also add your own questions. Any changes that you make are specific to the challenge that you are editing, they don't affect the questions asked for every challenge.

Good to know

If you have made changes to the idea submission form of a challenge and want to use the same questions for a new challenge, you can use the Clone challenge feature to copy the questions to your new challenge.
See our guide to cloning challenges for more information.

It's not possible to remove any of the existing fields on the idea submission form - you can't remove the area asking user to upload files, or to add a description but you can change the text for those fields.

In this article:

  • Changing the wording of existing fields

  • Adding new questions to the form

Changing the wording of existing fields

The are four existing fields that you can edit on the idea submission form for a challenge:

'Select a theme' text

The text that asks users which theme their idea relates to.

'Enter title' text

The text that asks users to give their idea a name.

'Describe idea' text

The text that asks users to provide a description of their idea i.e. to explain their idea.

'Upload files' text

The text that informs users that they can upload any additional files to support their idea.

To change the wording of an existing field:

1. Click on Challenge Management in the admin menu and find the challenge for which you'd like to edit the fields, and click Edit.

2. You will now see the challenge editor for that challenge, go to the Settings tab. Scroll down and expand Advanced options to see the Customise Form editor.

3. Click in the text box of the field that you'd like to edit, make any changes that you'd like and click save when you have finished.

Good to know

The Idea title and Idea description fields also have a 'description' field, an optional field that you can use if you would like to add some more detail or examples to clarify your question. To Edit the field's description, click on 'Edit description'.

Adding a question to the idea submission form

You can add a question that requires users to type their answer, or you can ask them to choose an option from a drop down menu. In both cases, the first four steps for adding the question are the same:

1. Follow the first two steps above to get to the Settings tab in the challenge editor area.

2. Click the Add new question button that appears just above the ‘Upload files’ field.

3. Enter the text for your question in the text box, you can also choose to add a description of your question by clicking 'Add description'.

4. If you would like the question to be mandatory (to ensure users can't submit an idea without completing this field) tick the box in the 'Required' column for that question.

If you would like your question to have a drop-down field, you will then need to follow these steps:

5. Click on the drop-down box in the ‘Type’ column and select ‘Option.

6. Click Add new option and fill in the text field with one of the options. Repeat this process until you have added all of the options that you’d like for that question.


When you've finished making changes to the form, don't forget to click Save before you leave the page.

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