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The lock edit feature is a challenge option that allows you to prevent users from editing an idea after a fixed amount of time has elapsed.

When you activate the lock edit option, you choose how long you would like users to be able to continue editing their idea. For example, if you choose sixty minutes, then users will be able to edit their idea for up to sixty minutes after they first post it.


When the edit time has passed neither users, moderators nor administrators will be able to edit the idea.

To activate Lock edit

1. Go to Challenge Management, in the admin menu.

2. Click Edit for a challenge, or create a new one, to open the challenge editor.

3. Go to the Settings tab to see the challenge options. If this is a funnel challenge, you'll need to go to the Challenge Type tab, and select a phase to see the phase options instead.

4. Select the Lock edit tick box and in the text box, type the number of minutes for which you would like to allow users to edit their idea.

5. When you have finished, click Save.

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