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In Crowdicity, the Challenge directory page shows all of the challenges that are open to users. Users can use the ‘Category’ tick boxes to sort and filter challenges, which means that they can go straight to the topics that interest them. You can add categories to challenges when you create or edit them.

In this article:

  • Assigning challenges to categories

  • Editing categories

Assigning challenges to categories

When you create or edit a challenge, you can assign it to up to two different categories. These can be categories that you have already created, or you can add new ones.

  1. When editing a challenge, go to the Settings tab and expand the Advanced options area near the bottom. It will reveal the Categories area.

  2. If you would like to add a category, enter the name of it in the 'New category name' box and click Add category.

  3. Select the categories to which you'd like to assign the challenge (you can choose up to two) and click save at the bottom of the screen.

New categories are automatically added to the master category list that you see when editing any challenge.

Editing the category list

You can reorder the category list when creating or editing a challenge, this will affect the order in which the categories are displayed on the challenge directory page. To rearrange your list, click and hold the dotted icon to the left of the category name then drag the category to its new position in the list. Click Save to save your changes.

You can delete a category by clicking on the red bin icon for that category (at the end of the row). If you delete a challenge category, it will remove any association between that category and any existing challenges, but it will not delete any challenges associated with that category

If you would like to Edit the name of a category, click on the name of the category. A cursor will appear in the challenge name allowing you to edit it. Click save when you have finished.

Good to know

Categories will only be displayed on the Challenge directory page if at least one challenge has been assigned to that category. If you haven't assigned a category to a challenge, you wont see it on the challenge directory page.
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