Allowing joint idea submissions
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The joint submissions feature allows users to post an idea as a group, they all receive notifications about the idea, they can all edit the idea and they all get the credit.

Joint submissions is a feature that is enabled in challenge options, which you can find in the Settings tab of the challenge editor (or in the Challenge Type tab for funnel challenges, in the settings for each phase). Our guide to challenge options has more information on how to enable features like joint submissions.

How do joint submissions work?

When users post an idea they will have the opportunity to post an idea either by themselves or with up to 9 co-authors. If you'd like to know what joint submissions looks like from a user's perspective, our joint submissions guide for users has more details.

When a user adds co-authors, they are sent a notification so they know that they have been added to the idea. If a user is a co-author on an idea, Crowdicity treats them in the same way as any other idea author: they can't vote on their own idea, they earn points if another user interacts with the idea, and any comments they make are counted as 'author comments'.

If a co-author does not want to be associated with an idea, they can remove themselves from it at any time. Once removed, they keep any points they earned when they were a co-author on the idea but do not earn any further points associated with it.

Lead authors can add or remove co-authors at any time, but they cannot remove themselves from the idea.

Key facts about joint submissions:

  • Joint submissions is a feature that is enabled on a challenge by challenge basis.

  • Co-authors can remove themselves from an idea, lead authors (the user who first posted the idea) can't.

  • Neither the lead author or the co-authors are allowed to vote on the idea!

  • The lead author and co-authors all earn points if the idea is commented or voted on.

  • When creating a Funnel challenge, the Joint submission option must be selected for each phase on which you want co - authors to be visible.

Good to know

If co-authors are working together on an idea, up to 10 users can have a group discussion using the private messaging feature.

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