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As you create more challenges in your Crowdicity community, you may want to organise them, to archive some and remove others. The Challenge Management page provides you with a range of options to help you keep your challenges organised.

In this article:

  • Published, archived and unpublished challenges

  • Featured challenges

  • Re-ordering challenges

Published, Archived and Unpublished challenges

In the Challenge Management area, you will see a list of all of the challenges that you have created for your community.

On this page there are three tabs: Published, Archived and Unpublished. If you click on the tabs, you will see the challenges that have that status. The table below explains what the challenge statuses mean.

Challenge Status



Visible to users who have access to it, and are automatically displayed on the challenge directory page.


Still visible to users, but will have an 'Archived' ribbon and will only be shown on the challenge directory page if users specifically opt to include archived challenges.


Not visible to any users. Publishing a challenge will remove it from the community, but you will not lose any of the ideas posted in it and you can republish it at any time.

To unpublish or archive a challenge:

  1. In Challenge management, click on Unpublish or Archive, as relevant.

  2. An alert box will ask you to confirm your choice, click OK to finish.

Featured Challenges

Featured challenges can be used with the challenge carousel panel on a custom page. If "Featured only" is selected in the panel's options, only challenges selected here will be shown.

When you create a challenge, it will be 'Featured' by default. If you would like to remove the Featured status of a challenge, click on the 'Hide' button.

If a challenge is featured, the hide option will be visible, if it is not, you will only see the 'show' option.

Re-ordering challenges

You can use the Challenge management page to change the order in which challenges will appear on the standard home page and on the challenge directory page

To re-order challenges, simply click on the up and down arrows to the left of the challenge titles. The order that the challenges are listed in is the order that they appear on the home page: the challenge at the top of the list is shown first, the next one down is shown second and so on.

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