Jira integration allows moderators to create Jira tickets from Crowdicity ideas. Moderators can choose the ticket type and the destination project from within Crowdicity

ADMINS: Installing your Crowdicity app to your Jira instance

Note: If you have already installed the Crowdicity app to your Jira instance, you must uninstall it before following these steps. If you are experiencing any issues with setup, we recommend you uninstall the app and restart these steps.

The first step is to enter your Jira instance URL into your Crowdicity community. You must be an admin to do this.

Configuring Crowdicity

Go to "Community Settings" and then click the "Integrations" tab. Scroll down until you see the Jira integration settings.

Select "Enabled", and paste your Jira Cloud Instance URL into the box.

Then click "Save changes" at the bottom.

Please allow at least a minute before continuing, while the updated settings are applied.

After a minute, you should install the Crowdicity app to your Jira instance.

Using the Crowdicity Jira App

Once installed, the Crowdicity Jira App is very simple to use. If you are a moderator, you now have a "Create Jira ticket" option on the moderation bar. You can select any number of ideas, or an individual idea.

After selecting "Create Jira ticket" you can choose the ticket type and the destination project. If any ideas have been previously sent to Jira, you will be presented with an option to update the text of those tickets the the current text of the idea.

When viewing an idea, the right column will show you the Jira status of the idea, and you can click through to view it in Jira.

All ideas sent to Jira will be attributed to "Crowdicity".

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