Crowdicity allows you to have both administrators and moderators to help maintain and engage with the community. To learn more about the difference between administrators and moderators, please take a look at our guide to understanding user permissions.

Part of your role as a moderator is to oversee the submissions and user activity in a challenge. You might need to approve ideas, advance them through different stages, or you might have to remove inappropriate ideas or comments. A good moderator will also do their best to keep users engaged with a challenge by commenting on ideas and facilitating discussions among users.

What can I do as a moderator?

As a moderator you will have access to the Moderator toolbar, which is the black bar visible above the title of an idea when you are on an idea page.

The menu options available will depend on the type of challenge that you are moderating. In a standard challenge, you will see Edit, Move, Idea status and Moderation status.

In a funnel challenge, the 'Advancement' option is added to the toolbar and in Milestone challenges, 'Milestone actions' is added to the toolbar.




Allows you to edit the Idea submission form. You can edit the title, description and answers to any additional questions. You can also add or delete files, images and tags that have been added to the idea.


The Move button allows moderators to move an idea from one challenge to another. To learn more about how to do this to see our Moving an idea help guide

Idea Status

Using the 'Idea status' button, users can add a status label (e.g. under review, adopted, or a custom status label) to ideas. The status label is visible to both the idea author and the community. See our Using idea status labels guide for more information.

Moderation Status

Moderators can remove ideas, or stop further comments or votes (or both) from being submitted.

Good to know

When an idea has been removed it will still be visible to moderators and administrators, but users will not be able to see them.




In funnel challenges, moderators use this menu option to advance ideas to the next phase. To learn how to advance ideas see our Advancing Ideas In a Funnel Challenge help guide.

Milestone Actions

In Milestone challenges this menu option allows you to approve or reject ideas that are at an approval milestone, or to revert ideas (move them back to the previous milestone) when they are in a Refinement milestone.

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