Moderators and administrators are able to moderate ideas from the challenge page using the moderator toolbar. They can update the idea status, apply status labels as well as approve and advance ideas through challenges.

In this guide:

  • Selecting multiple ideas

  • Applying status labels

  • Changing the Moderation status

  • Moderating ideas in a Milestone challenge

  • Moderating ideas in a Funnel challenge

Selecting multiple ideas

1. When viewing the challenge page, mouse over an idea to start your selection. As you do this the idea will dim and a tick box appears in the top right corner of the tile. Tick this to select your first idea.

2. Once an idea is selected, the moderator tool bar will appear above the idea list, the options on the toolbar will vary according to the type of challenge that you are moderating (ie a Milestone challenge will have a Milestones option)

3. When one idea has been selected, a tickbox will appear on all of the ideas on the challenge page. Add other ideas to your selection by clicking in the box on the idea. Ideas that you have selected will have a blue outline and a solid tick in the checkbox.

Good to know

When making a selection, you can select as many ideas as you'd like. if you want to choose all ideas you can click Select all on the right-hand side of the Moderator toolbar. If you'd like to start over, just click Deselect all.

When you have selected all of the ideas that you'd like to moderate, select any of the options in the moderator tool bar on the challenge page to apply the same action to all selected ideas.

Applying idea status labels

Status labels are a way to give instant feedback on a users idea and are visible to all users.

They can be used as a way of allocating points as well as used to filter ideas. For information on how to apply Status labels to multiple ideas, please see our Managing idea status labels help guide.

Changing the Moderation status

Changing the Moderation status of an idea affects whether users can see that idea and how they can interact with it and can be done on all challenge types:

1. Once you have made your selection, click Moderation status on the Moderator tool bar. This will open the Update moderation status window:

2. Choose the option you would like to apply to all selected ideas then click save.

To learn how each status affects an idea, take a look at our Changing the moderation status of an idea help guide.

Moderating ideas in a milestone challenge

When viewing a Milestone challenge, you'll see the Milestone actions button on the right-hand side of the Moderation toolbar.

Once you have selected the idea(s) you would like to moderate, click this to open the Milestone actions window.

From here you can choose one of the following options:

For more information on moderating ideas in a milestone challenge, take a look at our Moderating ideas in Milestone challenges guide.

Moderating ideas in a Funnel challenge

When viewing a Funnel challenge, you can manually advance or revert multiple ideas between the phases of your challenge. This is done using the Advancement button on the moderator toolbar:

When you have selected the ideas that you'd like to work with, click Advancement to see the available options for those ideas:

You'll be given different options depending on which phase of the challenge the ideas are in, for instance, you won't see the Advance to next phase option if the ideas are in the final phase. For more help advancing ideas in a funnel challenge, take a look at our Advancing ideas in a funnel challenge

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