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Adding content in more than one language
Adding content in more than one language
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If you have configured your community settings to allow administrator content in more than one language, you can add text in different languages, so that the appropriate text is shown to users who have set the community to that language. For more information on how to change your community settings to allow content to be added in more than one language, please see our guide to changing your community's language settings.

As an example, if you have offices in an English and French-speaking country, you could choose to enter the short brief for your challenge in English and also French. A user who's set their account to English will see the English version, and a user who has set their language to French will see the French version.

Entering content in more than one language

When you are entering text related to the set up of the community or a challenge, you will see that there is a grey box next to the text box.

Click on the box to see the languages in which you can add content. The languages are listed by an abbreviation EN_GB for English, DE_DE for German, JA_JP for Japanese, etc.

Click on the appropriate abbreviation for the language that you're using to select it.

When you select a new language using the grey box, the field that you are editing will be blank, ready for the translated version of your text.

Enter the text in the new language and click on the grey box again if you would like to add the content in another language.

When you have added as many translations as you need, Save your changes.

Good to know

If you don't enter text for a language that has been selected (e.g. they are viewing the community in German and you only have English and French text) then the content will be shown in the default language.
If you have no default language, no text will be displayed.
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