In every challenge, users will see the 'Post an idea' button, the button that they click to post an idea for that challenge.

You can change the colour of any buttons in your community by changing the design colours (for more information, see our guide to customising colours in your community), but you can also change the text that is on this button.

Generally, our customers will choose to change the text on this button if they are asking users to post something a little different, something that's not necessarily an idea, a suggestion or even a story for example.


The button is the same for every challenge; if you change the text on the button, it will change for all of the challenges.

To change the text of the Post an idea button:

1. Go to Community Settings in the Crowd Management menu and go to the Customise text tab

2. In the first box, enter the text that you would like to be on the button when users can submit their ideas.

3. In the second box, enter the text that you would like to be on the button if it is not possible for users to submit an idea.

4. For both messages, if you leave the box blank, the text on the button will not be changed. Click Save changes when you have finished.

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