Authentication is how your users prove their identity, how the Crowdicity software knows that they are who they say they are.

There are a number of different authentication options in Crowdicity, and you can allow more than one type for your community.

  • The different authentication options

  • Setting up authentication options

The different authentication options

Crowdicity account

By default, all Crowdicity communities allow users to create a Crowdicity account using their email address. When users register a new account with their email address, the software sends an email to that address with a link to click that will verify their email address. This verification step is how Crowdicity 'authenticates' their identity; only someone who had access to the email address will be able to click on the verification link.

Social media

You can allow users to register an account for your community using their social media credentials. When users create an account, they will be given the option to connect a social media account to their Crowdicity account. The benefit of allowing social media sign in is that users don't need to remember a separate username and password, they can log in using their existing credentials.

When using a social media platform to log in, users may still be asked to provide an email address and will then be sent and email to validate the address. This happens when the social media platform that they are using doesn't pass their email address to Crowdicity.

Single sign on

If your organisation has an active directory of users then you may be able to connect your directory to your Crowdicity community, so that your users can log in using their normal username and password. There are two options for an active directory single sign on, SAML and Microsoft Azure, the option that you use will depend on the nature of your Active directory. For more information regarding Active directory and how your systems can work with Crowdicity, please see our guide to Understanding single sign-on.

Setting up authentication options

All of the authentication options for your community can be found in the Community Settings area of the Crowd Management menu, under the Authentication tab.

You can see the option to enable or disable the different authentication options, but note that the option to log in using a Crowdicity account (set up with an email address) cannot be disabled. For more information on enabling single sign on options, please see our guide to Understanding single sign-on.

You can also determine the order in which the authentication options will appear on the log in screen, using the Order drop-down field.

In the example below, Social media sign was set to 'First', Crowdicity account second and an organisation's single sign on, third.


If you change the order of the sign in options, make sure that you set the order correctly.

If you have more than one sign in option in the same position (eg you set both Crowdicity account and SSO to 'First'), this can lead to errors on the page.

When you have made any changes to the authentication options click Save Changes, at the bottom of the page.

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