Idea status labels are labels that sit at the top of an idea, above the title. Moderators can apply status labels to ideas to provide feedback to the author (eg Great idea!) or to organise the ideas in a challenge.

You can apply more than one status label to an idea, and users can filter the ideas in a challenge by the status. You can also add a score to idea status labels, if you want to award additional points to an idea author when you add a particular label to their idea.

For clarity, this article is about the customisable idea status labels that administrators can create and moderators can apply to ideas. The Crowdicity software does generate some labels automatically, such as the Closed label, when an idea has been closed by a moderator (see below), or In next phase if an idea is due to advance to the next phase of a funnel challenge.

In this article:

  • Managing status labels

  • Allocating points to status labels

Managing idea status labels

Administrators can create custom idea status labels that will be available for moderators to add to ideas. You can create, manage and delete any custom status labels in Community settings.

To manage idea status labels, go to Community settings in the administrator menu and click on the Moderation tab. Scroll down until you see the status labels and click Manage status labels to add, edit or remove a label. This will open a pop-up window that allows you to manage your status labels.

The order of the status labels reflects the order in which they will be displayed when added to an idea, the top status being displayed first then the second, and so on.

The tick box to the left of the status label name indicates whether or not the status is visible. If a status is not visible, it will not be seen by users and moderators will not be able to add it to an idea.

To edit an existing label:

1. Click on the name of the label to change the text, or the colour box next to the name of the label to change its colour.

2. If you'd like to change the order in which it appears in the list, click on the 2 lines to the left of the label and drag the label to the position that you'd like it to be.

3. When you have made all of the changes that you want, click Save to close the window.

To create a new idea status label:

1. Click Add a custom label, this will add an empty box at the bottom of the list of status labels.

2. Type in the box to add the name of your status label and click on the coloured box to change its colour. You can pick a colour in the colour box or you can type in the hex code for the colour if you (if you know the hex code of the colour you'd like, you can type that in here).

3. If you'd like to move your new label higher up the list of available status labels, click on the two lines to the left of the label name and drag the label up the list to where you want it to be.

4. When you have made all of the changes that you want, click Save to close the window.

To delete an existing label:

1. Click on the cross to the right of the status label that you'd like to delete.

2. When you have made all of the changes that you want, click Save to close the window.

Allocating points to status labels

If you'd like to use status labels as a way of awarding points to users, you can allocate scores to any custom labels you create. The default score for any new label that you create is zero.

You can access the status label scores through Community settings on the Admin menu by clicking on the Moderation tab, then scroll down till you see Edit status label scores.

For instructions on how to edit the scores, head over to our Using Gamification help guide which will show you how.

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