You can earn points for the things that you do in your Crowdicity community. Exactly what those points are will depend on how the administrators have set up the community, but as an example, you could earn points for:

  • Posting an idea

  • Commenting on someone else's idea

  • Someone giving your idea a thumbs up

  • Following another user

Sometimes administrators will give you a profile badge, or a moderator may give your idea a status label, these sometimes have points associated with them as well.

Your total number of points places you on the community leaderboard; the more points you have, the better your rank will be.

In this article:

  • Seeing your own score and rank

  • Finding the community leaderboard

  • Viewing other users' scores

Seeing your own score and rank

You find your own score and community rank in your profile:

1. Click on My profile on the top left of the screen.

2. Underneath your profile picture, you will see your rank in the community as well as the number of points you've earned.


If you can't see this area in your profile, or you can't see points next to any user's name, this means that the community administrator has turned point scoring and leaderboards off for that community.

Finding the community leaderboard

The leader board can be found by selecting View leaderboard anywhere you see a leaderboard list, such as on the left side of challenges, or on the community home page.

You can choose to view the leaderboard for the whole community, or you can use the Show drop-down field to show who is earning the most points in a specific challenge.

Viewing other users' scores

If you click on a user's name anywhere in the community, you'll be able to see a summary of their profile, including the number of points they have and their community rank.

If you want to see their profile page, click View full profile.

In a user's full profile, you will be able to see the list of ideas and comments that they've posted, as well as a list of any users that they're following or any challenges or blog posts to which they're subscribed.

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