Some Crowdicity communities are set up so that users may select the language with which they'd like to view the community. The set-up of a community is decided by the administrator of that community.

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  • Changing your language settings

  • What content is affected by changing the language?

Changing your language settings

If it is possible to change the language in your community.

Use the menu in the top right, and select Language.

It may be that there are only one or two language options for you to choose from, or the administrator for your community may have turned on all of the available language options.

Click on the name of the language to which you would like to change.

What content is affected by changing the language?

Some content in a Crowdicity community is automatically translated, other content needs to be translated by the community administrator to be shown in a second language.

As a general rule, it is those elements that are written by administrators (e.g. The name of a challenge, page titles, etc) that will need to be translated by the community administrator. Elements of the community that cannot be changed, such as most of the buttons, and descriptions of time (eg 'This phase ends in...') are translated by the Crowdicity software.

If you are an administrator and would like to know how to enter content in more than one language, please see our help guide on this subject.

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