Users in your community can be fantastic advocates for you and can help to bring more users to your community. One way that you can facilitate this is to allow user to user invites.

When you enable this feature, your community users will be able to send invitations to other people they know that might want to join the community.

Allowing users to invite other users is especially useful if you have an open community and would like to make it easier for your users to spread the word!

When a user invites someone to the community, that person will receive an email that includes a link to the community. They will be able to click the link to register an account with the community.

Enabling user to user invites

When you enable user to user invites, you can also specify how many invites users are allowed per week or per month. We don't allow an unlimited number of invitations in case there are some users that 'spam' people using the system.

Limiting the number of invites that users can send can also be used to create a feeling of exclusivity in a private community; if it feels more special to be invited, users are more likely to join the community.

To enable user to user invites:

1. Go to Community settings, in the Crowd Management menu, and click on the Access & privacy tab.

2. Find the Users inviting users option and select Enable.

3. Select the number of invitations that you'd like to allow users to send, and how often that number will be renewed (eg 3 invites a week).

4. If you want to automatically set all user to user invites to match these settings, select the Reset all invite counts tick box and click Save changes when you have finished.

If you want to see who your users have invited to your community, you can do this in the User Management area. Go to the Manage Users tab and click Invited users to see which users have been invited and by whom.

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