Many organisations have a presence on social media and you may want to encourage your users to find you on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

You can specify the names of the social media accounts associated with your community. You can then choose to display relevant follow buttons for these accounts in the navigation menu.

These icons are initially greyed out, but if users click on the three dots icon the social media icons will expand and become coloured. If you click on any of the icons, you will be taken to relevant social media platform.

To add links to your own social media platforms:

1. Click on Community Settings in the Crowd Management menu, this will open the Community tab of the Settings area.

2. Scroll to the bottom section of this page to find the options to add Social media links.

3. Enter the details of any social media platforms to which you would like to link.

4. Underneath each social medial platform, there is a tick box that asks if you want the icon to be visible. Tick this box if you want the icon of that social media platform to be visible in the navigation menu.

5. When you have added the details of any social media platforms that you'd like to add, click Save changes.

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