Surveys can be a useful way to get a snapshot of your users' opinions on a subject, or to poll them about a subject that is important to you.

A key advantage of creating a survey using Crowdicity's inbuilt survey tool is that when you examine the results, you will see responses alongside their username and email address. This makes it easier for you to analyse the results in the context of data that you already have about your users.

In this article:

  • Creating a survey

  • Adding sections and questions

  • Editing sections

  • Publishing your survey

Creating a survey

1. In the Crowd Management menu, click on Survey.

2. Click Create Survey to open the survey editor.

3. The first panel on the survey editor asks for the details of your survey: the survey title, short description and completion message.

4. Write a Short Description for your survey, this is the message that users see at the beginning of the survey.

5. Write a Completion Message, users see this message when they have finished the survey.

Crowdicity will autosave any changes that you make to your survey every few seconds, but it's good practice to click Save survey as you go along.

Adding sections and questions

Surveys can be split into sections, these are like the different pages of your survey. When a user completes a section, they will click a 'Next' button to see the next section of questions.

You can give each section a title by typing it in the Section header box, if you want to add a section, click the Add new section button.

When you are ready, you can add questions to your survey sections. To add a question to the section, simply click on the name of the question type that you'd like and drag it into the box that says 'Drag and drop question type here'.

There are four types of question that you can add to a survey:

Question type



A dropdown field. Users can click on a box to reveal the different options that they can choose. Users can only choose one option.

Radio buttons

Circular 'buttons' that users click to make their selection. Users can only chose one option.

Check boxes

Square tick boxes. Users can tick more than one box to indicate their answer. You can chose how the maximum and minimum number of boxes they're allowed to tick.


A box that allows users to type their answer.

If you would like more information on how to edit each question type, please see our guide to Editing survey questions.

Editing sections

If you need to edit a section, you can reorder or delete the questions in it:

  • To reorder the questions, use the icon in the top left of the question box to drag the questions up and down the list.

  • To delete a question click on the cross icon in the top right of the question box.

If you need to delete a whole section, click on the cross icon at the top of the section, which is just above and to the right of the section header.


If you delete a section, you will also delete any questions in that section.

Publishing your survey

When you have finished creating and editing your survey, you need to publish it so that it is visible to your users.

If you are currently editing the survey that you want to Publish, you can publish it by checking the Published tick box at the top of the page and clicking Save survey.

You can also Publish and Unpublish surveys from the Surveys area of the Crowd Management menu.

To publish or unpublish a survey:

1. Click on Surveys in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Find the survey that you would like to publish or unpublish. If it's not published, it will be in the 'Unpublished' tab.

3. When you have found the survey you're looking for, click Publish/Unpublish as appropriate.

When you publish a survey, it will become a page in your community's navigation menu.


When a survey is published, you can't edit the survey questions.
If you need to edit the questions, you will need to unpublish the survey.
If you already have responses, you will also need to reset the survey, which will delete the responses.

If you would like more information on how to edit questions, please see our guide to Editing survey questions.

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