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Getting the results of your survey
Getting the results of your survey
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When users have responded to your survey, you can view and download their responses.

You can choose to download all responses (including free text responses) or you can download just the responses to multiple choice questions.

In this article:

  • Viewing a summary of survey results

  • Downloading survey results

Viewing a summary of survey results

To see the results of your survey:

1. Go to Survey in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Find the survey for which you'd like to view the responses and click Results

3. When looking at the results page for a survey, you will see a summary of the survey responses on the left hand side.

If the question was multiple choice, you'll see the number and percent of respondents that picked each option.

If the question was a free text response, you'll see the answers that users gave.

Downloading survey results

If you would like to download the results of the survey, you can download two files:

  1. A .csv file of the multiple choice answers only.

  2. A .csv file of all responses, including free text responses.

The multiple choice .csv download shows a summary of how many users selected each option.

This download is useful if you would like to perform a quantitative analysis on the survey results. For example you could make a chart from the responses:

The file containing all of the responses provides every response to all of the questions on a separate line.

The file shows how each user answered each question. This kind of file is especially useful if you have more text answers as it allows you to see all responses.

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