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Removing a page from the navigation menu
Removing a page from the navigation menu
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If you would like to remove a page from the navigation menu, you can do this in the Pages CMS area. You can delete both custom pages and the pages that are pre-installed in your community (such as the Challenge directory page and the People page). This article explains how to remove both types of pages from your navigation menu.


If you remove a custom page, one that you have created, this cannot be undone and the page will be deleted.

If you remove one of the preinstalled system pages, the page will be removed from the navigation menu but you will not lose any data and you can re-add the page later.

How to remove a page from the navigation menu

To remove a page:

1. Go to Pages CMS in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Click on the page that you want to remove.

3. If the page is a system page you will see a grey button that says 'Remove from navigation'; if it is a custom page the button will say 'delete' Click this button.

4. The below pop-up window will ask you to confirm the deletion. Click 'OK'.

Good to know

The blog, standard homepage (dashboard), challenge directory and people pages are pre-installed in Crowdicity.

If you remove one by accident and would like to add it back onto the navigation menu click Create page, select the page you want to add and click save.

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