If you are viewing your community on a desktop computer, you will see the white navigation menu at the top of the page when you first log in; it disappears when you scroll down the page and will reappear if you begin to scroll up again. On the mobile version of Crowdicity, the menu can be accessed using the menu button (the one with three lines):

The navigation menu allows users to navigate to pages within your community, to search for ideas and other users, and to access their profile. You can change the order of any pages on the menu and can also choose to set a different homepage for your community. This article explains how to use the Pages CMS area to change your navigation menu.

In this article:

  • Adding items to the navigation menu

  • Adding a link to a specific webpage

  • Changing the order of the Navigation menu

  • Removing pages from the navigation menu

Adding items to the Navigation menu

You can add a number of items to your navigation menu including pre-generated pages (like the people page, and the blog), custom pages that you create, or links to other websites, or specific pages within your community.

To add an item to the navigation menu:

  1. Go to Pages CMS in the Crowd Management menu.

  2. At the top right of the page you will see the option to add a page or link to your community's navigation menu.

  3. Use the drop-down field to choose what you'd like to add to the community (see the table below for an explanation of each item) and click create to finish.

The items available in the drop-down menu are:


Create a new page for your community that will be added to the Navigation menu. Our Editing pages provides more information on this.

Link to URL

Create a link to a specific webpage, this could be a page in the community (eg. a specific idea or challenge) or it could be a page from another website.

Blog link

Add a link to the blog page of your Crowdicity community. If you don't currently have a blog page, it will create one automatically.

Challenge directory

Add a link to the challenge directory page, the page that lists all of the challenges open to your community members.


Add a link to the 'People' page, which lists the users in your community.

You can add a link to a URL to the Navigation menu, this could be a link to a page within your community or a link to an external webpage.

To add a link to your Navigation menu:

  1. Click on the drop-down box next to Add a.

  2. Select Link to URL and click Create.

  3. A page editor will open allowing you to add the title that you would like on the Navigation menu and the URL (web address) to which you would like the link to go to.

  4. Select Open in new window i f you would like the page to open in a new tab, leave this box un-ticked if you would like it to open in the same tab.

  5. Click save to create the link.

Good to know

If you are linking to a Crowdicity challenge or idea, all users will be able to see the link in the navigation bar, even if the challenge/idea itself is only visible to certain groups of users.

Changing the order of the navigation menu

You can change the order pages are displayed in the community navigation menu in the Pages CMS area of the Crowd Management menu.

The order of the page titles in Pages CMS reflects the order of the pages in the navigation menu. To re-order the pages, click and drag the page title to where you want it to sit in the menu.

The page next to the home icon will be the home page for your community, the first page that they see when they log in. If you want to change the home page for your community, click on the page that you want to be the home page and drag it so that it is the leftmost page.

Removing items from the navigation menu

You can remove both pages and links from you navigation menu, but it is important to be aware of what will happen to the item if you do.

If the item you'd like to delete is one of the pre-made pages (Home/Dashboard, Challenges, People and blog) then you are able to Remove the page. Removing the page from the navigation menu just removes the link to the page, you do not lose any content that is on the pages. Similarly, if you have a link to a page (eg a link to an external website) you can remove the link, and the page to which the link referred will be unaffected.

If you want to remove a custom page that you have created, you can delete the page. If you the delete the page, both the link to the page and the page itself will be deleted.

To remove a page or link in your navigation menu:

  1. Go to Pages CMS in the Crowd Management menu.

  2. Click on the title of the page or link that you would like to remove. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to remove or delete the page.

  3. Click on the relevant button to delete or remove the page.

The people page is a pre-made page, you can remove it from the navigation without deleting any data.

This is custom page, clicking delete will remove both the link to the page and the page itself.

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