If you'd like to know more about your users, you can download a file containing user information such as their email address, their answers to profile questions and their points. In the User Management area, it is possible to download a spreadsheet of user data in .csv format, which you can open using Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google sheets, or similar.

The spreadsheet contains a list of the users, and includes the following information:

  • Email address

  • Screen name

  • Profile information (including the answers to any custom questions that you have added)

  • The date the joined the community

  • Groups to which they belong

  • The number of ideas, comments and votes that they have made

Downloading user information

You can choose to download the information for all active users (both Users and Admins), Admins, Users, or those people that you have invited to the platform but haven't yet registered.

To download a .csv of user information:

1. Click on User Management in the Crowd Management menu, the User management area will open on the Manage Users tab.

2. To the right of the user list, you will see a list of different User types and user groups (eg Admins, users, and ant custom groups that you have created). Click the group for which you would like the user information (to download a list of all users, select All active users.

3. Click the tool icon above the user list and select Download as CSV. This will open a window asking you to select the date from which you'd like the user activity.

4. Click on the date to change the date from which you'd like to see a summary of activity. For example, if you click on the date and select 3rd September 2016, for each user you will see the number of ideas, comments and votes that they have posted since that date.

5. Click Download as CSV, to start the download.

The downloaded file will show a list of all registered users including their email address, username and any custom questions that you added to the profile.

In addition, it will show the number of points users have, and the number of ideas, comments and votes they have made in your community during the time frame for which you're downloading the information.


The number of ideas, comments and votes shown for a user does not include any activity in a challenge that you have unpublished. eg. if a user has posted ideas in a challenge that is now unpublished, the spreadsheet will show 0 ideas.

To learn about the other reports available on the Crowdicity platform, you can find a number of help guides in the Analytics section of our help guides.

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