You can find information on the number of ideas that have been submitted to your community in the Analytics area of the administrator menu. Here you can view the number of ideas posted by data and you can filter this information to show either a specific challenge, or all challenges in your community.

In this guide:

  • Finding the idea submission statistics

  • Understanding the idea submission graph

  • Exporting the data

Finding the idea submission statistics

To view the ideas submitted by date:

  1. Click on Analytics in the Administrator menu to open the Community Statistics area.

  2. The Community statistics area will open on the Activity overview page, click on the Statistics tab to switch to this area of the Community Analytics section.

  3. In this tab, you'll find the different options for viewing the community statistics. The Idea Submissions information will show as default.

The top of the Idea submissions page in stats

When the idea submissions tab first loads, the graph and table will show ideas posted in all challenges.

If you would like to view ideas that are in a specific challenge, click the Select a challenge drop down menu above the idea graph, and select the challenge you would like to view.

To view all of the ideas that have been posted in the community select All challenges.

Understanding the idea submission chart and table

The chart on this page shows a representation of how many ideas have been posted over time. By default, the chart shows all of the ideas posted in your community since it was created.

You can choose to see ideas posted in a specific challenge, and you can change the date range of the chart to see the ideas posted in a specific time frame.

The buttons at the top left of the graph allow you to choose a specific time period from which you'd like to see the ideas that have been posted. The buttons allow you to choose the time from which you'd like to view the idea submissions: 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, the beginning of the calendar year to today (YTD), or 1 year.

To view ideas submissions within a specific date range, click on the From and To dates at the top right of the graph, this will open a calendar that will allow you to select the relevant dates.

Underneath the chart, there's a table that shows a list of the ideas submitted, either for all challenges, or for the challenge that you have selected.

The table shows the name of the idea, the challenge it was posted to, when it was posted, who posted it and the number of comments and votes it has received.

Exporting data from the Idea submissions page

If you would like to view any of the information on this page when you are offline, you can export both the graph and the table of ideas underneath it.

Exporting the graph

You can export the graph in a variety of formats, depending on how you would like to use the file when you have downloaded it. If you would like an image of the graph, you can download it in the following file formats: .png, .jpg, .pdf document or svg (a vector image format, for editing in programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite). If you would like the data that it used to draw the graph, you can download a table of this data, either as an excel document, or as a .csv file.

To export the graph:

  1. Select the challenge and/or date range that you would like the chart to show.

  2. Click the export icon at the top right of the chart this will open up the options that you can choose from when exporting the chart.

  3. Choose the format of the file that you want to export and click on that option to download the file.

This export menu also gives you the option to print the chart area, without downloading an image or document file. When you click Print chart a print window will open in your browser, allowing you to select your print options.

Exporting the list of ideas

If you would like to export a list of ideas shown underneath the graph, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Export data button underneath the idea table.

When you click the button, you will download a csv file. This file can be opened in Excel, Numbers, or a similar spreadsheet application.

The downloaded file has a list of all of the ideas that are in the on-screen table, as well as their associated comments and the number of votes that they received. As you can see from the image above, the column 'Type' indicates whether an item is an idea or a comment, and an idea is listed with its comments directly under it.

In this example, The idea 'Masterful Manufacture' has four comments, which are shown in the four rows directly underneath the idea. The idea 'Know your customer' has one comment, which you can see in the row underneath the idea.

The other columns in this export show the name of the challenge, the votes that an idea received and when an idea or comment was posted.

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