Crowdicity provides you with the means to add a Google Analytics code to your community, so that you are able to track and analyse a lot of information regarding the visitors of your community.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that allows you to track the traffic to your website. It can tell you the number of times that people have visited your site, which pages they visited and what country they are viewing the pages from. For more information, please visit the Google Analytics website.

Adding Google Analytics to your Crowdicity community

To set up Google Analytics for your Crowdicity community:

  1. Get a Tracking ID for your community from Google Analytics (please see Google's help pages for how to do this).

  2. In your Crowdicity community go to Analytics then open the Google Analytics tab

  3. Enter your tracking ID in the box that says 'Google Analytics UID' and then Click Save.

When you next log into your Google Analytics account, you will see the data that it has gathered on traffic to your community.

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