The banner is visible on almost every page of your community, you can have a solid colour banner or you can upload an image. If you'd like more information about changing the colour of your banner (ie not uploading an image) please have a look at our guide to Customising the colours in your community.

In this guide:

  • Adding a banner image

  • Banner options

  • Adding a banner to a specific page

Adding a banner image

To add a banner image:

1. Click on Design in the Crowd Management menu, then click on the banners and branding tab.

2. The second section on the page has the banner customisation options. To change your banner image, click the Change button in this section.

3. The File Library window will open then:
IF the image that you want to use as a banner is already in your file library, select it using the radial buttons beneath the images.
If you haven't already upload your banner, click on Choose File (top right) browse your computer to find the file that you want, and then click Upload file to add the library. Your image will now be in the File Library.

4. Select the image you want to use as a banner by selecting the radial button under the image and click ‘Save Choice’ to close the File library window.


Your banner image should be 1024 pixels wide. If it's not, it will be distorted to fit the page.The height of the image isn't as important, but we recommend that it's around 130 pixels.

In the 'Customise banner' section you can also change the height of your banner and decide whether the name of your community will be displayed in the banner.

If you set the banner height to 'Auto', the software will match the height of the banner to the height of any image that you upload as the banner. If you haven't uploaded an image, then you can set the height of your banner by adding add a number in the banner height box.

Community name and description

In this section you can also choose whether you would like the name and a description of your community to be shown in the banner. The community name will be shown in the top left of the banner, with the description sitting underneath it.

If you do not want the name and/or description of your community to be shown in the banner, un-tick both of these boxes and click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page when you have made any changes that you'd like.

If you would like to change the name of your community, this can be done in the Community settings area, please see our guide to changing the name of your community for more information.

Adding a banner to a specific page

You can choose to add a different banner for specific pages. For example, if you wanted a different banner on your community blog page, you can edit that page to add a banner that will be displayed in place of the community banner.

To learn more about editing pages, please take a look at our guide to editing custom pages.

To add a banner image for a page:

1. Go to Pages CMS in the Crowd Management menu and click on the title of the page that you'd like to edit

2. The page editing option will open, select Use a different banner to open the image upload area.

3. Either drag and drop your image into this area, or click Attach image to open a window to browse files on your computer.

4. When the image has successfully uploaded, you will see it in the image uploader, box. If you want to remove the image and start again, click the bin icon.

5. When you are happy with the new banner image, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Your image should be 1024px wide and we recommend that it's also around 130px high; an image that isn't 1024 pixels wide will need to be stretched or squashed to fit, but the height is up to you.

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