Adding a logo is a simple way to customise your community and contributes to the communities identity. The logo sits on the left hand side of the navigation menu, and when users click on the logo they are taken to your community's home page.

To add a logo:

1. Click on Design in the Crowd Management menu, then click on the banners and branding tab.

2. The first box shows your current logo (if you have one), click Change to open the File Library window.

3. If the image that you want to use as a logo is already in your file library, select it using the radial button beneath the image.


If you haven't already upload your logo, click on Choose File (top right) to browse your computer and find the file that you want, then click Upload file to add the library. Your logo will now appear in the File Library.

4. Choose the relevant file and click ‘Save Choice’.

Good to know

For the best results, we recommend that your logo is 170px wide and 42px high
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