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When you create an email to send to your users, it may be sent to hundreds or even thousands of email addresses, depending on the number of users that you have in your community. Because of this, we may need to put the emails in a queue, to ensure that they are all successfully sent to their recipients.

When the emails have been sent, you can view statistics relating to the number of people that have opened the email, or clicked on links that you included in it.

If you want to learn more about creating email campaigns, have a look at our guide to sending emails to users.

In this article:

  • Email delivery statuses

  • Email campaign statistics

Email delivery statuses

You can see the status of any emails that you have sent by going to the Sent tab in the Email Management area.

You will see the status of an email campaign in the DATE SENT column, next the name that you gave the campaign.

There are three possible status that a campaign can have:


The email hasn't been sent yet, but it is in the Crowdicity Email Campaign Manager delivery queue


The system has started to send the emails in your campaign but hasn't completed the task

A date stamp

When all emails have been sent, a date stamp will show the date that it was completed.

Email campaign statistics

To view email campaign statistics:

1. Click on Email in the crowd management menu and go to the Sent tab.

2. Click on the drop down field for the email that you want to look at, select statistics.

3. This will open a window where you can view the statistics related to your email.

You will be able to see the following information:


The number of people to whom the email was sent


The number of emails that were successfully delivered


The number of people that opened the email


The number of times a link in the email was clicked on.

The statistics will also show the percentage of people who clicked on each link that you added to the email.

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