You can change the look of your community by changing the colours of links, background and the key design elements. You can use the community colours to align your the community branding to specific branding guidelines, or you can simply choose colours that you think will look good for your community.

In this article:

  • The effect of each design colour

  • Changing the design colours

The effect of each design colour

You can choose the colour of five different elements of your Crowdicity community: links, design elements, the banner, buttons and the community background. The table below explains where in your community you will see the effect of each colour.

Design area




Hyperlinks in the community eg links to ideas, links that you add to a page or challenge.

Design elements

The design elements appear in many different places throughout your community, they are most commonly related to ideas. For example, the Design elements colour is used on the idea page, in the panel that shows how many votes an idea has. It's also used on the challenge page, where it's used as the colour of a 'thumbs up/down'.


If you don't have an image uploaded for your banner, this is the colour your banner will be. The colour of the text in the banner (the name of your community) will change depending on its colour; if it's a lighter colour the text will be black and if it's darker, the text will be white. If you prefer, you can upload an image for your banner, for more information, check out our guide to adding a banner image.


This is the colour of the buttons in your community, eg. The 'Post an idea' button on the challenge page, the 'Join in' button that you click to go to a challenge.


The background of your community is the area on either side of the centre panel, you can choose to set is a solid colour using this tool, or you can upload your own image. If you'd like to upload an image for the background of your community our guide to adding a background image has more information.

Changing the design colours

If you would like to change the colours of the elements above, please follow this step by step guide:

1. Click on Design in the Crowd Management menu, this will open the Colours tab of the Design area.

2. Click in the box of the element that you would like to change, you can then either:

  • Type in the hexadecimal code for the colour that you would like or;

  • Use the colour sliders to choose your colour

3. Repeat these steps for any colours that you would like to change and click Save Changes.

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