There's plenty of opportunity to customise the look and feel of your Crowdicity community. The design section of our help guides has a lot of information on how to change the colours and images across your community.

This article lays out the recommend size for images that you'll use in your community. It also contains templates that you can download to aid with your design process.

In this article:

  • Banner, email banner (masthead) and logo size recommendations

  • Background image guidelines and template

  • Challenge images guidelines and template

The table below shows the recommend sizes for the community banner, email masthead and logo. For more information about each of these images, including how to edit them in your community, click on the name of the image to be taken to the relevant help guide.



Description and notes

Community banner

1024 x 130 pixels

If you're uploading an image to be your banner, it's a good idea to include the name of the community in the image.
The height of the image is less important than the width; you can have a banner of any height, but if it is not 1024px wide, the image will appear distorted.

Email masthead

588 x 100 pixels

The email masthead appears at the top of all emails sent by the system. If you upload an image to be your email masthead, don't forget to include the name of your community as part of the image.

Community logo

170 x 42 pixels

The community logo is shown at the far left of the navigation menu. If users click on the logo, they will be taken to your community's home page.

Background image

The background image for your community is visible either side of the central panel, the pane that shows the content of your community.

If you are uploading a small image that you wish to tile across the background of your community then the size is less important as the system will repeat it as many times as is necessary to completely fill the screen. You can learn more about uploading an image that you would like to have repeated across the background in our guide to changing your community background.

If you upload a background image for your community that you don't want to be tiled (ie it is one large image across the background) the size of your user's monitors will affect how much of the background that they can see. If they have a small monitor, it may cut off the sides of the image, but if your image isn't big enough, then those with bigger monitors will see blank space either side of it.

There isn't one image that will suit all monitors, but we'd recommend that you create a background image that will fill larger monitors so that they don't see blank space where the image doesn't reach. In order to make your background fit larger monitors, it should be 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Currently, the most common monitor size is 1366 x 768, so bear in mind that when you add an image that is wider than 1366 pixels, the sides of the image will be cut off for those using smaller monitors.

To make your life a little easier, we've created a size guide that you can use when creating a background image. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, or something similar, you can download the first file below, which shows the different screen sizes as different layers. If you don't have an image editor that will open Photoshop files, the second link will download a jpeg showing the different screen sizes.

Whichever of these files you use, we recommend that when you have created your image and uploaded it, you set its position to be Center, Center top or Center bottom, this will ensure that it sits correctly around the central pane. For more information about how to change the options for your background image once it's uploaded, please take a look at our background help guide.

Challenge images

As described in our guide to uploading images to challenges, there are two images that you can add to a challenge.

The main challenge image is displayed on the challenge page, beneath the short brief and above the posted ideas.

Image of challenge page with a main challenge image

Your main challenge image should be 1024 x 240 pixels, if you upload a file of a different size, it may appear distorted or cropped.

The Challenge listing image is the image that users will see around your community, the image that they can click on to be taken to the challenge page. The challenge listing image is displayed in two different sizes:

We recommend that you upload a challenge image that is 464 x 302 pixels, but be aware that it will be cropped when it is being used as the listing image in many places in the community. When the image is cropped, the system will remove the outer edges of the images.

You can download a template for the challenge listing image, either as an Adobe Photoshop file or jpeg, by clicking on the respective link below:

Blog Images

As explained in our Creating and editing blog posts article, there are two ways in which you can add images to a blog.

Attached images
If you want to attach an image that will be shown on the home page to represent the blog, your image should be 314 x 148 pixels to get the best results.

Inline images
These are images that are added in the Post text field using the insert/edit image button at the bottom of the text field.

Images added here will sit at whichever point they are inserted in to your post such as at the start of the post or between paragraphs. These images should be the highest resolution possible however will shrink to fit the the blog window at 477px wide.

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