When users register a new Crowdicity account, they will be asked to provide some details by default, but you can also add fields for them to complete.

By default, users are asked for the following information (fields marked with an asterisk are required):

  • An email address*

  • First and last name

  • A display name*

  • City

  • Country*

  • Timezone*

  • Language

  • Bio

  • Skills

In this article:

  • Adding user profile fields

  • Adding drop down choices

  • Custom field options

Adding user profile fields

To add a field to user profiles:

1. Click on User Management in the Crowd Management menu and click on the Custom fields tab.

2. Click Add custom field to bring up the options for your new field.

3. Choose whether you would like the question to be a text box or a drop down field, and add any options as necessary.

4. Repeat these steps to add any profile fields that you would like and click Save when you have finished.

Adding drop down options

If you choose to add a drop-down field, it's important that you add the options from which users can make their selection.

To do this, type each option in the TYPE SETTINGS field, separating each option with a comma.

Custom profile field options

Next to each question that you add, you will see that there are 4 check boxes, which give you the options that you can select for each field. The table below explains each option.




Users must complete this field to complete the registration process.


If you're using SSO and are mapping fields from SAML, you can lock custom questions so that users can't manually change their answer. Locking profile fields will remove the question from the profile wizard users see when creating their account. We would not reccommend selecting this option unless you are mapping fields using SAML.


When a users begins to type in to a text field, they will be given suggestions based on responses entered by other users.


If you select this option, the field and all of the data currently in the field will be deleted; deleting a field means that you also delete any answers users have given for that field.

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