The dynamic groups feature allows you to create groups based on user profile fields. Users are automatically put into user groups based on their answers to the profile question; if they change their answer, they will change groups!

In this article:

  • Understanding dynamic groups

  • Creating and removing dynamic groups

Understanding dynamic groups

Here are a few key facts about dynamic user groups:

  • As with all user groups, users can't see that they've been added to a dynamic group, the groups are only visible to administrators.

  • Dynamic groups can only be created from profile questions with multiple choice answers, where users choose from a specific range of answers. .

  • You can't manually add or remove users from dynamic groups, group membership can only be determined by the answer to a profile question.

Good to know

If you're using SSO and have mapped fields from your identity provider to dynamic questions, information from this can be used to answer profile quesions. Once mapped, these will update automatically if changed internally, providing the the matching field exists on the community.
  • When new users join the community they will automatically be added to the relevant group based on their answers to the profile questions

  • If a users changes their answer to a profile question, their group membership will change.

Creating and removing dynamic groups

To add a set of dynamic groups:

1. Go to User Management, this will open the Manage users area.

2. On the right hand side of the page, you will see the list of groups already in the community. Underneath any custom user groups that have been added, you will see the Dynamic groups section.

3. Click Add dynamic groups... to open a pop up window with your options

4. Select the profile question from which you want to create groups, you will then see a message that tells you how many groups will be created based on that question.

5. Click save to confirm that you would like to set up the group and you will see a message to confirm that the new groups have been created

You will see the new groups underneath Dynamic groups heading. The profile question and answer are shown on each group, so that you know how the group was created. You can click on each group to see which users are in that group.

If you wish to remove a set of dynamic groups, click Delete next to the heading for the group.

This will not remove the users from your community but it will remove the groups.

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