If you have a closed (private) community, you control who can access your community. One way of granting access to users is by inviting them from the User Management area.

To invite users to your community:

1. Click User Management on the Crowd Management menu and then go to the Invite users tab.

2. In the email addresses field enter the email addresses of the users that you wish to invite, either one address per line or separated by commas.

3. Select the type of user's that you are inviting using the User permissions drop-down field. Unless you are inviting a new administrator to the community, select 'User'.

Good to know

You can't invite people as both users and administrators in the same form, make sure that you invite your users in one batch and any administrators in a separate batch.

4. If you would like to send your new users an email to notify them that you have invited them, select the 'Notify users' tick-box.

5. If you have ticked the 'Notify users' box, you may also add your own personal message to the invitation using the 'Message' text box.

6. If you have set up custom groups in your community, you can choose to add the users that you're inviting to that group; when the user's join your community, they will be automatically added to that group.

7. When you have finished, click Invite users. A green box on the screen will confirm that your invitations have been sent.

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