Available now: Private Submissions and Comments

We've created a set of new features that make it easier to collaborate with your users, provide constructive feedback on ideas and drive idea submissions.

Private Submissions

You can now configure challenges to display ideas only to challenge moderators. With this option active, users can only see their own ideas, but moderators see all submissions. If you want to run competitions, hackathons, challenges around sensitive topics, or simply give users a space to submit ideas without having to immediately share them with all users, you'll find this a really useful feature.

The option to activate private submissions is at the admin level, and not for individual idea submissions. This ensures that all users are posting under the same set of rules, and helps maintain a culture of cooperation and innovation. It can be enabled across challenges, phases of challenges and individual milestones.

Private Comments

We've added a way to collaborate even more effectively with your community with our new "private comments" feature. Below each idea you'll find two new comment areas - "Moderators and Authors" and "Moderators Only". Comments in these areas are only visible to those users, so you can hold private discussions, offer constructive feedback or take notes directly on an idea.

Private comments are available now on every existing and new idea within your community.

More Information

To find out how to use these features, please see our updated help guides for private idea submission and private commenting for moderators.

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