Crowdicity can be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. To access on a mobile device just enter the communities URL into your mobile browser.

You can access both Open communities (those that can be accessed by the general public) or Closed communities (those which you must be invited to) from your mobile device.

Viewing an open community

When visiting the URL you'll able to view the communities content straight away but will need to register to participate (such as posting your own idea, or voting/commenting on others).

Viewing a closed community

When accessing a closed community for the first time, you'll need to register your Crowdicity account before being able to view any content. Depending on the set up of the community, you may be able to do this with a social media account or using the email address with which you have been invited. To create your account, click Register:

Creating your account

After you have registered to your community you'll need to create your profile.

Here, you'll be asked to provide the following basic information:

  • Display name

  • First and Last name (If added, this will be used instead of the Display name)

  • City

  • Country

  • Timezone

  • Language

  • Bio (optional)

  • Skills (optional)

Once you have successfully logged, you'll be given a brief tour of the community to show you how to navigate the pages and where to post ideas from.

Once you've completed the set up you'll be able to log into the community anywhere a wifi service is available.

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