In a Crowdicity community, you'll be asked to post ideas in response to challenges, challenges are questions or discussion topics.

The information that you need to enter will be slightly different for each challenge, but you'll generally need at least a title and description for your submission, and it's a good idea to have an eye catching image to upload with it. This section explains how to open and complete the idea submission form.

In this article:

  • Posting an idea on your mobile: where to start

  • Adding the details of your idea

  • Publishing your idea

Posting an idea: where to start

You can post an idea from anywhere in the community by tapping the Post idea icon.

Post idea button

When you're accessing a Crowdicity community through your mobile, you'll see this icon at the bottom of any page; it will be in the bottom right corner of the page.

If you tap the post idea icon while you are on a challenge page, it will automatically bring up the idea submission form for that challenge.

If you tap the icon on any other page, you'll see a list of the challenges in which you can post your idea. Select the challenge that you want to bring up the idea submission form for that challenge.

Changing challenge

If you are in the idea submission form and would like to bring up the lists of challenges again, select SWITCH CHALLENGE to go back to the list of all available challenges.

Adding the details of your idea


The first field to complete is the idea title. Try to choose something short that succinctly captures the essence of your idea.

If there are words in your title that are similar to words in other ideas, you may get a message saying Possibly related posts. There will be a list of other ideas that your idea may be similar to, you can tap the title of an idea to view it if you want to check how similar it is; it may be that your idea is not similar, it just uses similar words!


When filling in the Ideas submission form you will always be asked to a description for your idea, this could be a brief summary or a detailed explanation. What you should include, and the level of detail that you need will depend on the challenge that you are submitting your idea to, so read the question carefully.

Other questions

There may be other questions on the idea submission form, which could be a text field (where you type the answer) or a drop-down question. Some of these questions may optional, and some may be required to complete the form. If the question is required, you will see a small asterisk at the end of it, you must complete any of these questions before you can post your idea.

Tagging ideas

You may also be able to add tags to your idea (it depends whether the features has been enabled or your community), you will see the option to add tags at the bottom of the idea submission form. Tags help other users to find your idea if they are searching for ideas on a particular theme or topic.

Add tags by typing them into the Tag box, separating them with a comma, if you'd like to add more than one. You can also remove tags that you've added by selecting the red 'x' next to tag you'd like to remove.

Attaching files

To really make your idea stand out, you can add files (including images) to draw attention to it. Select the Attach files button to access you phone's files/image gallery or camera. The first image that you add will represent your idea across the community. Any attachments you add will show under an Attached files heading and can be removed by clicking the red 'x' next to the thumbnail.

Posting your idea

When you have finished filling in the Idea submission form you'll have the option to either save your idea as a draft or publish it to the community.

Save as draft
If you're not quite ready to post your idea, you can save it as a draft to return to at a later point. You'll find your drafts in your profile area by clicking your profile for the main menu and clicking the Drafts tab:

Publishing your idea means that it will be posted to the challenge, a message will pop up to confirm that your idea has been created.


If your idea isn't visible after you click publish, it may be because any new ideas must be moderated before they are visible to the rest of the community.
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