Some challenges will allow you to post your idea with other users, as a group, this is called a 'joint submission'.

The joint submissions feature allows you to add a co-author to your idea. A co-author could be someone who has worked on your idea with you, or someone that has agreed to help you develop your idea after you post it. To learn more about how the join submissions feature works, and what it means for you and your co-authors, check out our guide to Posting an idea with other users.

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Adding a co author to your idea

When you open the idea submission form, if you are able to post ideas with co-authors, the first options on the form will be: Post as you and Post with others.

If you are posting the idea on your own, select Post as you, if you are working with a other users and would like to add them as co-authors of your idea, tap Post with others.

If you select Post with others you will be able to add the usernames of users that you would like to be your co-authors on the idea.

Tap in the Add users box and type the name(s) of the people that you'd like to add.

As you type the username(s) of the people that you would like to add as co-authors, the system will show you matching users; tap on a username to add them as a co-author to the idea.

You can add up to 10 users as co-authors

Removing yourself as a co-author

If someone else has added you as a co-author on an idea, you are automatically made a co-author, there's no need to confirm that you are.

If you have been you have been added as a co-author and do not want to be, you can remove yourself as a co-author.

To remove yourself as a co-author of an idea, tap the at the top right of the idea author name and select Remove yourself from this idea.

Good to know

Only co-authors can remove themselves from an idea. If you are the person who posted the idea originally, you cannot remove yourself.
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