When an idea is submitted, an idea page the community generates an idea page.

The idea page shows:

  • The idea author

  • The title and content of the idea (including tags or files that have been added to it)

  • The option to subscribe to the idea

  • Any comments that have been added to the idea

  • The idea's score, and the buttons that allow you to vote on the idea, if voting is turned on.

The idea title and edit button

At the top of the idea page is the title and author of the idea, and when it was posted. When you look at an idea that you posted, you'll see a down arrow in the top right hand corner of the idea page. If you click on this, you will be able to edit your idea.

The idea content and comments

Underneath the title you will see the main content of the idea and any attached images or files that the author has added.

Below the idea you will see comments that have been posted in response to it.

Posting a comment

If commenting on a challenge is enabled, you'll see the Add a comment field along with the Post button:

When you click into this field, you'll see the comment following comment options:

The comment field allows you to enter the content of your comment.

User tags allows you to search within the community to tag a user in your comment.

The user you tag will receive a notification to let them know you've tagged them

Attach files allows you to upload any relevant documents from your device.

Subscribing to an idea

You can subscribe to the idea using the Subscribe button below the idea content:

Subscribing to an idea means you'll be sent a notification whenever someone comments on the idea.

Voting buttons

If the idea that you are looking at is in a challenge that allows voting on idea, you will also see the vote button at the bottom of the idea page. This will look slightly different depending on whether you are able to vote for the idea and the type of voting allowed. The different types of vote buttons are:

Adding a comment

You can post a comment by typing in to the Add a Comment text field at the bottom of the page and clicking on Post.

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