The Admin menu provides you with access to all of the features and community settings that you will need as an administrator. You will see the menu at the top of any page of your Crowdicity community, just above the thicker white navigation menu.

This table explains each area of the Admin menu and includes links to relevant help guides for that area.



Challenge Management

This is where you can create and edit challenges for your community. When you create a challenge you can decide what type of challenge it is, who can take part in it, and how you’d like people to engage with that challenge (if comments are allowed, the vote type they can cast, etc). Our Challenges help guides will show you how to set up and edit challenges for your community.

User Management

The User Management area allows you manage existing users and to invite new users to the platform. In this area you can manage the custom groups that you have on the platform, as well as the individual permissions that a user may have. To find out more about managing user groups take a look at our User Management help guides

Pages CMS

In the Pages CMS section, you can manage existing pages and create new ones. When you create new pages, you can edit them using a rich text editor or, for maximum customisation, you can directly edit the HTML for the page. Our Managing Pages help guides will take you through creating, editing and managing pages.


This area of Crowd Management allows you to change the look and feel of your community. You can change the background, banner and design colours to suit your needs. To find out how to change the design of your community see our Design help guides


The Crowdicity email tool allows you to create email campaigns, you can send customised emails to all or some of your users and track how many were opened. This area also allows you to add a template for the community's emails. For help on email customisation and creating email campaigns please see our Email management help guides for more information.


This area controls the points that users receive for their interaction with the platform. In this section you can also create badges that you can add to user’s profiles, rewarding them for their contributions the community. To find out more about using gamification see our Gamification help guide.


Here you can view real time activity in your community including the number of new users that have joined, number of ideas posted and how many pages have been viewed. You can download reports of activity in the statistics area and you can also add a Google analytics if you'd like to have a more in-depth analysis of who is visiting your community. Our Statistics and reporting help guides will show you how to download your community reports and statistics.

Community Settings

The settings tab is where you change the access, privacy and language settings of your community. In addition, this is where you can find moderation settings and the option to turn features (such as idea tagging) on and off. Take a look at our Community Settings help guides for more help.

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