As an administrator, you can create widgets that display live feeds of activity from your Crowdicity community. In a few clicks you can generate a code that you'll be able to post in another webpage, such as your organisation's intranet.

In this article:

  • Creating a widget

  • Setting the access for your widget

Creating a widget

The widgets show activity from your community. You can choose to create three types of widget, which show different types of activity:


This widget shows the most recent activity in your community including ideas, comments, blog posts, etc.


The leaderboard will show the top contributors to your community


Shows the most recent ideas posted in a challenge that you specify

To generate a widget:

1. Click on Widgets in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Choose the type of widget that you want to create: Activity, Leaderboard or ideas.

3. Choose a theme by clicking on the colour swatches. If you choose default, the widget will have the same colours as your community.

4. Click Generate widget code, this will create the HTML code needed for your widget.

5. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the code to your computer's clipboard, you can then paste it into your own web pages.

Setting the access for your widget

If your community is closed, you may not want the contents of the widget to be visible to anyone. You can change the visibility of the widget in Community Settings.

To change the access for widgets:

1. Go to Community Settings in the Crowd Management menu.

2. Go to the Access and Privacy tab, the second option on the page is Widget Access.

3. Select whether you would like the contents of widgets to be visible to everyone, or restricted to those users that are signed into your community and click Save changes.

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