On the standard home page, there's a feed of recent activity in your community. The feed is customised depending on the access that users have, in other words, if you have some challenges that are only open to some users, only those users that have access to the challenge will see activity related to that challenge in the activity feed. You can choose to turn this activity into an RSS feed; a feed of activity that can be read and presented by an RSS reader.

To add the Activity RSS feed to an RSS reader, copy the link of the feed and paste it into the 'Add new feed' section of your RSS reader. You can get the link for the feed by clicking on the orange RSS feed icon in the top right hand corner of the Activity feed.

It's best to Right click the link, which will give you the option to copy the link address, you can then paste it into your RSS reader.


The RSS feed will display all events from the activity feed that you take it from.

If you have access to all challenges, the RSS feed that you create from your feed will show activity from all of the challenges, even if some challenges are only open to specific users.

There are 3 options for the Activity RSS Feed:

Hide RSS feed link on activity

The RSS feed for your community is not turned on.

Show RSS feed link on activity

This option will generate an RSS feed for your community. There will be a small orange RSS symbol in the top corner of the activity panel that users can access to add the activity feed to their own RSS reader.

Hide RSS feed link but keep active

If you would like to have the RSS feed for your own use, but don't want other users to be able to access it, you can temporarily show it to get the feed details and then select this option to remove the RSS feed icon without turning the feed off altogether.

To change the RSS activity feed settings for your community:

  1. Go to Community settings in the Crowd Management menu, then click on the Access & privacy tab.

  2. Scroll down to the RSS feeds option and select the relevant option.

  3. Click Save changes to finish.

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