When you have published your idea, you can edit it if you need to make changes or add information. As well as the idea title and description of the idea you can also edit the images, users and tags that are associated with it.

If you want to know about how to Edit an idea that you've saved as a draft, please have a look at our guide to saving an idea draft.

Editing your idea

1. Go to the idea that you want to edit. Above the idea title you will see the Author Tools toolbar, click the Edit button to open the Idea submission form.

2. The idea submission form will contain the information that you previously entered; you can edit the idea title, description, tags and tagged users.

3. When you have finished editing the idea click 'Publish' and Idea submission form will close automatically.

Good to know

Some challenges may only allow you to edit an idea for a set amount of time after it is submitted. If so, you will be shown how long you have left to edit your idea above the idea title:
You will need to edit and re publish your idea before the time limit expires to ensure any edits you make are saved.
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