If you start writing an idea but aren't ready to publish it, you can save a draft of your idea to come back to whenever you're ready.

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  • Saving an idea draft

  • Finding and editing your drafts

Saving an idea draft

If you'd like to save your idea as a draft, click on the Save to drafts button at the bottom of the idea submission form. You will need to have added a title for your draft idea, but that's it!

When you click Save to drafts, the idea submission window will close and you will see an idea page showing your draft:

If you want to Edit or Publish your idea, click on the Edit/Publish option in the Author tools menu. Clicking on this will re-open the Idea submission form so that you can edit any information in your idea and publish it when you're ready.

Finding and editing your drafts

If you'd like to edit or publish a draft, you can access your drafts in two ways.

From the post a new idea button:

When you click on the 'Post an Idea' button in the navigation bar, you can select one of your drafts to continue editing.

From "My Profile":

When you click on My Profile in the top left of the screen, then "More" -> "Activity" -> My drafts.

To edit or publish a draft, click on the idea to go to the idea page where you will be able to select Edit/Publish in the author tools.

Good to know

If you have already published your idea, then you will need to edit it make changes, our guide to Editing your idea explains how to do that. Please be aware that you cannot save drafts of edits that you make to a saved idea.

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