If you are a member of a Crowdicity community, you will have a Crowdicity account, even if you have signed in using your social media credentials or an organisational username and password (Single sign on). You may use this account to log into one community, or you may be a member of many different Crowdicity communities. If you decide to leave a community, you can be removed from that community or if you wish you can completely delete your Crowdicity account.

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Leaving a community

If you wish to leave one of the communities that you are a member of, but would still like to keep your Crowdicity account, you should contact the administrator of that community. You could email them or send them a private message requesting to be removed from the community.

Being removed from a community doesn't delete any posts that you have made, so if you wish to have all of content removed from the community, you must tell the administrator this.

Once you have been removed, if the community is Closed (private) you will no longer be able to sign into that community; if the community is Open (public) you will still be able to see the community, but you wont be able to post an idea, vote or comment without re-joining the community.

Deleting your Crowdicity Account?

If you want to completely delete your entire Crowdicity account, all you need to do is email our friendly support team at help.medallia.com.

A member of the team will respond to you to confirm that your request has been received and that your account will be deleted within 7 working days.

We'll be sad to see you go, but we understand that nothing lasts forever.


For verification, If you would like to delete your account you will need to contact us using the email address you registered your Crowdicity account with. If you no longer have access to this, please let us know when emailing your request.

When your account has been deleted, the posts that you have made in a Crowdicity community will still be visible, but your account will not be attached to them: the idea will still be there but there will be no name on the idea.

If you want your ideas or comments to be removed from a community, you must contact the community administrator.

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