When participating in a community, you automatically receive email notifications about activity in the community eg when someone comments or votes on your idea. In your profile, you can choose to turn off all or some of these notifications.

Changing your email notification settings

1. Click on My profile at the top left of the page and select Go to profile. This will take you to your profile page.

2. In More -> Settings select the Notifications tab.

From the settings page, you can select which notification emails you would like to receive, and which you would like to turn off. By default, you will automatically receive an email notification when:

  • All emails that are sent by the admins of the community.

  • Someone comments on your idea.

  • Your Idea receives a vote.

  • Your idea is followed.

  • Someone starts following you.

  • Someone replies to a comment you have posted.

  • Someone likes or dislikes a comment you have posted.

3. To stop receiving a notification email, simply untick the box next to each appropriate notification, then click save.

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