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Funnel challenges allow you to start with a large number of ideas and to then funnel them down through a series of timed phases. In a funnel challenge each phase has a fixed duration; as the challenge progresses, you decide which ideas will move into the next phase. For each phase, you can change options such as the voting type, who has access to the phase and whether or not users can post new ideas.

You can add a funnel to any challenge. They are really good for running competitions as they give administrators and moderators full control over which ideas will progress through each stage. Many of our customers also use Funnel challenges if they are gathering ideas to present to a panel before feeding back to users or asking for further input.

In this article:

  • How to add a funnel to a challenge

  • Adding phases in a funnel challenge

How to add a funnel to a challenge

Before you add a funnel to a challenge, please remember that while it can be undone, you will lose any funnel settings and progression that occurred during the funnel.

To add a funnel to a challenge:

  1. Using the admin menu, go to challenge management and then click Edit next to the challenge to which you'd like to add the funnel. This will take you to the challenge editor.

  2. On the challenge editor go to the Challenge Type tab.

  3. Select Funnel as the challenge type.

When you have completed these steps, you will see a phase called 'unnamed phase'. You can then add phases to the challenge until it meets your needs.


When you first set up a funnel in a challenge, the first phase will automatically start one hour from when you set up the challenge.

If you would like to know more about editing phases in a funnel challenge, please see our help article on editing funnel phases.

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